Klimt Watch Kollektion
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Gustav Klimt Museum - Gustav Klimt Paintings, Gustav Klimt Drawings

Paintings are creative expressions of an artist which in various forms have been alluring the art lovers since centuries. Gustav Klimt museum is a virtual paintings museum showcasing the most beautiful artworks or paintings of artist Klimt, a famous Austrian painter of the Jugendstil who during his lifetime had created several eye-catching and flawlessly realistic paintings. Beethoven Frieze, Stoclet Frieze, Litzlberg on Lake Attersee paintings are some of the most cherished Klimt artwork paintings that can be found at Klimt museum. The online Klimt gallery displays the Kiss Klimt painting, a beautiful conventional oil painting renowned for the most detailed, colourful and best expression of the female model artwork done in painting with applied layers of gold leaf. The museum reveals to you the best of the Gustav Klimt drawings including oil paintings, oil on cart paintings, mosaic paintings and oil on canvas paintings by Klimt. Because of their unique identity and fame of these paintings these have been embossed on LAKS watches, watches manufactured by famous Austrian company. Watches with Gustav Klimt art are rare collector’s items because of the limited edition and the importance of the featured pictures. For those looking to buy Klimt watches can find these at Klimt shop which has some extraordinary collections of LAKS watches with artworks from Gustav Klimt Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir and Vincent van Gogh to Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo. For more details about the paintings and watches, please explore the website.